Wren & Rook buys digital detox book by Vincent Vincent

Tuesday 27th November 2018

Vincent Vincent’s latest book TURN OFF, LIVE ON, which encourages children to spend time away from screens will be published by Wren & Rook (part of the Hachette Children’s Group) in diary-format paperback on January 10th 2019. Laura Horsley, senior editor, acquired world rights from Laetitia Rutherford.

The book gives tips on turning screens off, as well as advice on boosting creativity. It features relaxation techniques, puzzles and brain games and was designed to empower children to spend time away from digital devices.

“Everyone is so caught up in screen time these days, I wanted to write a book to help people take a break from it and get inspired. TURN OFF, LIVE ON is a reminder that we don’t need technology to be happy, in fact taking time away from it is what makes us happy,” said Vincent. “The exercises in this book are designed to help the reader think creatively, challenge themselves and become more present and self-aware. There’s so much hustle and bustle in our lives, this is a fun way to step back from our screens and tune into the here and now.”