Walker signs three-book deal with Greg Jenner

Friday 13th December 2019

Walker Books has signed a three-book deal with “Horrible Histories” historian Greg Jenner.

Commissioning editor Daisy Jellicoe acquired world, all languages rights for one gift non-fiction children’s title with full colour illustrations, and UK Commonwealth rights to a further two black and white children’s non-fiction titles from Donald Winchester at Watson, Little. The first book will publish in Autumn 2021, which will be followed up by two black and white illustrated non-fiction titles.

Jenner is a British public historian with a particular interest in communicating history through pop culture. In his work as the historical consultant to CBBC’s “Horrible Histories” TV series, he is solely responsible for the factual accuracy of over 1,800 sketches and more than 120 comedy songs. He also was a key member of the team on the BAFTA-nominated film “Horrible Histories: The Movie – Rotten Romans”.

He is also the author of A Million Years In A Day: A Curious History of Ordinary Life, From Stone Age To Phone Age (Thomas Dunne), and, Dead Famous: An Unexpected History of Celebrity, From Bronze Age To Silver Screen (W&N), set to publish in March 2020.

Jenner said: “I’m mega chuffed to be joining the illustrious league of children’s book authors (I hope there’s a secret handshake?). I’m thrilled! Big thanks to the lovely people at Walker Books, and to my marvellous agent Donald Winchester. I have a career mantra to only work with nice people, and, quite frankly, I’m absolutely nailing it here.”

Jellicoe added: “We are thrilled to be working with Greg Jenner. His fascinating approach to world history through everyday objects and little-known stories, with irresistible humour, brings the past to life and shows that we are far more connected than we think. Children are going to adore these books – and they will never look at their alarm clocks or underpants in the same way again.”