Tamsin Omond’s book on climate change to be published by Do Books

Friday 13th August 2021

Do Books will publish a book on climate change called Do Earth: Healing Strategies for Humankind by non-binary eco-activist Tamsin Omond, who is also standing for election as a co-leader of the Green Party. The book will publish on 2nd September 2021.

Its synopsis says: “We know there’s a climate emergency but what should we do? What does a ‘better future’ look like and how do we get there? Having spent over a decade on the frontlines of climate activism, organising, campaigning and holding the powerful to account, Tamsin Omond discovered first-hand that this crisis is too big for one group of eco-activists to solve. It needs everyone. In Do Earth, Tamsin clearly articulates where we are now, and how we got here. Drawing from Black feminists, Indigenous peoples and community leaders, they show us a new way forward in the fight for climate change. It’s about healing our relationships with nature, each other and ourselves; and feeling inspired about what the next phase of human evolution might be.”

West said: “We’re so proud to be publishing this timely, important and forward-thinking book by Tamsin Omond. Not only is it coming in the wake of this week’s IPCC climate change report issuing a ‘code red for humanity’, but it can now be read as the personal manifesto of the future leader of the Green Party. As we approach COP26 in November, it really feels like the wave that has been building for decades around the climate crisis will finally break. Do Earth provides some much-needed answers, reassurance, hope and optimism about reimagining the world and creating a better future. It’s a book that everyone should read, whether you care about the climate crisis or not.”

Omond added: “Do Earth is about learning from nature, letting go of practices that harm our planet and making different choices for our life. It’s about collective action, community engagement and getting inspired about what the next phase of human evolution might be. As well as practical guidance and gentle encouragement, I return to and lift up the wisdom of Indigenous people who offer us a planet that is alive and sacred. How we begin to learn from their perspective is everything this book hopes to explore. The text features beautiful images by photographer Alice Aedy that provide a moment to rest and reflect. Right now, pausing and resting—especially in the midst of everything we are having to learn and experience—is essential and foundational for the practice of self-care that we all need to hold us through these times. Essentially the book is a collection of things I’ve learnt in preparation for the climate emergency and is, I hope, a really helpful beginning to anyone’s climate journey.”