Sue Armstrong’s P53 published in the UK today

Thursday 20th November 2014

P53: THE GENE THAT CRACKED THE CANCER CODE (Bloomsbury) celebrates its UK publication today.

Sue Armstrong’s incredible book tells the story of medical science’s mission to unravel the mysteries of this crucial cancer fighting gene, and to get to the heart of what happens in our cells when they turn cancerous. Through the personal accounts of key researchers, P53: THE GENE THAT CRACKED THE CANCER CODE reveals the fascination of the quest for scientific understanding, as well as the huge excitement of the chase for new cures – the hype, the enthusiasm, the lost opportunities, the blind alleys, and the thrilling breakthroughs. And as the long-anticipated revolution in cancer treatment tailored to each individual patient’s symptoms begins to take off at last, p53 remains at the cutting edge.

Sue Armstrong is a science writer and broadcaster based in Edinburgh. Her latest non-fiction title is as interesting as it is incredibly important.