A round up of our latest hilarious and fantastic Non-Fiction publications

Thursday 23rd October 2014

We’ve had a fair few interesting, informative and downright hilarious non-fiction publications recently. Two of which are The Daily Mash latest annual and the most useless TOP TIPS FOR LIFE from the creator of the popular Twop Twips twitter account.

The Daily Mash 2015 annual RANDOM ACTS OF FOUL-MOUTHED CRUELTY (Hamlyn) was published on October 6th ahead of it’s official launch at the end of this month. Like the annuals before it, it features the funniest stories from the UK’s most popular original satire website.

TOP TIPS FOR LIFE (Ebury Press) from the incredibly popular @TwopTwips was published today. Caitlin Moran calls them ‘as genuinely hilarious as they are genuinely useless’.