• 8th October 2019

    Bryant & May – England’s Finest

    The Peculiar Crimes Unit has solved many extraordinary cases over the years, but some were hushed up and hidden away. Until now. Arthur Bryant remembers... more »

  • 26th November 2018

    Bryant & May – The Lonely Hour

    On a rainy winter night outside a run-down nightclub in the wrong part of London, four strangers meet for the first time at 4:00am. A... more »

  • 25th May 2018

    Bryant & May – Strange Tide

    The river Thames is London’s most important yet neglected artery. When a young woman is found chained to a post in the tide, no-one can... more »

  • 25th May 2018

    Bryant & May – Wild Chamber

    Our story begins at the end of an investigation, as the members of London’s Peculiar Crimes Unit race to catch a killer near London Bridge... more »

  • 25th May 2018

    Bryant & May – Hall of Mirrors

    The year is 1969 and ten guests are about to enjoy a country house weekend at Tavistock Hall. But one amongst them is harbouring thoughts... more »

  • 4th July 2014

    Bryant & May – The Bleeding Heart

    It’s a fresh start for the Met’s oddest investigation team, the Peculiar Crimes Unit. Their first case involves two teenagers who see a dead man... more »