Orion Spring wins auction to publish Geeta Vara’s Ayurvedic guide to wellbeing

Friday 6th October 2017

Wellness imprint Orion Spring has acquired the UK and Commonwealth, plus translation, rights to Geeta Vara’s AYURVEDA: ANCIENT WISDOM FOR MODERN WELLBEING. Editorial director, Olivia Morris, snapped up the rights at auction from Laetitia Rutherford.


AYURVEDA: ANCIENT WISDOM FOR MODERN WELLBEING is pitched as “an approachable, modern take on Ayurveda for the spiritually minded, yoga generation who are looking towards natural medicine and holistic practices to support their health and wellbeing”. In it, life-long practitioner Vara will reveal how readers can use the wisdom of the Indian medical science, Ayurveda, to “find true balance and begin a journey towards self-healing”. It comes complete with advice and daily rituals, helping readers to recognise the early signs of imbalance and address health concerns from weight management, digestive issues, stress and fatigue.

Vara, who is qualified with a BSc and PG Dip in Ayurvedic Medicine, called it “practical wisdom to empower every person on their journey of preventative healthcare”. She has spent time in India practicing Ayurveda and now runs a clinic in London where she sees clients for health consultations.

AYURVEDA: ANCIENT WISDOM FOR MODERN WELLBEING is due to be published in June 2018.