Orbit acquires Emma Vieceli and Malin Ryden’s enemies-to-lovers queer BREAKS

Wednesday 24th May 2023

Orbit has acquired three manga volumes of BREAKS, a popular webcomic by Emma Vieceli and Malin Rydén. Editorial director Jenni Hill bought World English rights from James Wills and will be publishing in 2024.

Breaks is described as “a high school love story, but a little bit broken” and “perfect for fans of popular LGBTQ+ graphic novels, such as readers of Alice Osman’s Heartstopper who might be looking for something darker and more mature”.

Orbit said: “Drawn in Emma’s signature style, it also holds huge appeal for anime and manga fans. We’re passionate about adding more comic books to the Orbit list. Breaks is a not-to-be-missed webcomic phenomenon and Emma is one of the UK’s leading comic book creators, so working with her was a dream come true”

Vieceli added: “Many years ago I joined a nerdy and wonderful online writing group and found myself collaborating with one of them in particular. Our respective stories and characters seemed to align; my angry boxer and their class-clown runner. Gradually, Cortland’s story and Ian’s story became Cortland and Ian’s story, and now it seems impossible to imagine them without each other. Malin and I finally dropped our web handles, said hi, and decided to start the story again in webcomic format. Ten years later, here we are. It means the world to be working with Jenni and Orbit in bringing this complete story to print. We’re grateful to everyone who’s been with us so far on this journey.”

Rydén said: “Normally, writing is a lonely job, [but] watching Emma shepherd our characters into life on the page has made me feel part of their lives.”

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