DAUGHTERS UNTO DEVILS by Amy Lucavics published today

Thursday 8th October 2015

DAUGHTERS UNTO DEVILS by Amy Lucavics is published today (Simon & Schuster).

For troubled sixteen-year-old Amanda Verner, her family’s move from a cramped mountain cabin to the vast prairie presents an opportunity to put the horror of the past behind her: the birth of a terribly afflicted baby to her sickly Ma, losing her mind to cabin fever, the boy she’s been meeting in secret…

On finding their new home soaked in blood, and hearing terrible stories about unhinged men murdering their families, Amanda isn’t quite sure whether the true evil resides in the land, or within her own soul.

DAUGHTERS UNTO DEVILS promises a terrifyingly unpredictable narrative and gruesome attention to detail in a tale that will leave you petrified.

Represented by Watson, Little in the UK in association with Joanna Volpe of New Leaf Literary and Media, Inc.