• 20th December 2019


    A new collection of poetry from Lee Rourke. Coming in 2020.

  • 4th June 2019


    After two decades spent in the US, L-J is on a flight back to his native Suffolk to visit family and his childhood coastal home.... more »

  • 26th November 2015

    The Canal

    In a deeply compelling debut novel, Lee Rourke, the underground literary sensation, tells the tale of a man who finds his life so boring it... more »

  • 2nd July 2015

    Lee Rourke’s VULGAR THINGS gets the paperback treatment

    VULGAR THINGS (Fourth Estate), the haunting, modern and utterly compelling novel from Lee Rourke is out today in striking paperback! VULGAR THINGS follows Jon as... more »

  • 4th July 2014

    Vulgar Things

    Jon Michaels – a divorced, disinterested and fatigued editor living a nondescript life in North London – receives a sudden phone call from his brother,... more »