Meredith Vigh

Agent: Megan Carroll

Meredith always knew she’d be a writer, and often liked to compose silly poems for her friends. When travelling the world as a young adult, she believed her destiny was to write the greatest back-packing novel of her generation! On returning to her native New Zealand, she took a job as a nanny so that she could spend all her spare time writing this blockbuster. Sadly, no blocks were busted and Meredith put her pen away. But becoming a nanny awoke a great passion for the wonderful world of picture books.  Indeed, when her son was born, his octopus-like antics were the inspiration for one of her very first picture book texts- and she hasn’t stopped writing since! Meredith now calls England home, where she lives in Berkshire with her husband, two children, and special feathered friend, Charlie- who once flew (slightly assisted by an aeroplane) all the way from New Zealand!