Joe Gibson

Agent: Donald Winchester

Joe Gibson is a star of West End musicals, a concert pianist, ballet dancer, Formula 1 racing driver, and embarking on his PhD, in his dreams. In real life, he’s still figuring out what he’s meant to be. Life has not gone to plan for Joe, but it has been eventful.

SEVENTEEN is his debut memoir, which charts a shocking abuse of authority and an illicit relationship that dominated his final two years of school, dictating the course of his life for the next seventeen years.

Joe has brought his experience to the page to help others, to help those whose stories have been buried. But this book isn’t for survivors alone, it’s for everyone, especially parents and teachers. Joe found a voice to tell his story, one that he hopes will empower others to speak and be heard.

When he’s not writing, Joe spends as much time as possible walking in nature with his ageing hound, looking for purpose and adventure.


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