Angela Patmore

Agent: Megan Carroll

Patmore specialises in two genres: psychology (with particular reference to mental health) and dogs. She thinks the two are perfectly compatible.

She is a former international Fulbright Scholar with a first class honours degree in English and an American MA from the College of William and Mary.  As a UEA environmental sciences research fellow she carried out a meta-analysis of the clinical literature on ‘stress’ that formed the basis of a London conference attracting over sixty positive national media features.  She later served on Sir John Stevens’ Metropolitan Police Stress Experts’ Advisory Group.  Her exposé of the stress concept and its industry, The Truth About Stress (Grove Atlantic) was shortlisted for the 2007 MIND Book of the Year Award.  It offered 400 pages of evidence of harm to public health with 40 pages of scientific references.  Her counterintuitive talks on ‘stress’ are always lively and well-received and at one Cheltenham Science Conference she received a standing ovation.

She has just been appointed as a practice-based doctoral supervisor by Bath University’s department for health, which is about to trial her Stress Definitions Audit. This unique instrument, designed with her associate Dr John Cooper, former head of occupational health at Unilever, will help GPs and sufferers pin down their particular meaning of the polysemous ‘stress’ to expedite appropriate practical help, training or medical treatment.

A former Guardian columnist on sports psychology she freelances on mental health for the Spectator (most recently last month) and the Guardian’s G2.  Her other books include Challenging Depression and Despair (How To Books 2011), a drug-free programme of graduated challenges that helped her long-term unemployed Restart trainees reboot their lives, Sportsmen Under Stress (one of the earliest UK sports psychology books and a Times Sports Book of the Year) and Marje: The Guilt and the Gingerbread, a biography of agony aunt Marje Proops that caused a serialisation war between the Sun and the Mirror.  She has ghosted for leading sports stars and Sweater Shop tycoon Brian de Zille and is on the WI speakers’ panels for Essex and Suffolk.

As a hobby AP writes fiction, drama and poetry. She is a member of the Friends of Coleridge and the Society of Authors and her work is supported by the Royal Literary Fund.  She lives with a Parson Jack Russell in Essex and has produced seven books on dogs and their welfare including Doggerel (Springhill 2010), a collection of verse character sketches of fifty rescue dogs sold in aid of the Association of Dogs’ and Cats’ Homes and shortly to be revised and reissued by Little Brown under the title Rescue Dogs and Their Second Lives.