The Workhouse Sisters

Kay Brellend

After escaping the grip of the workhouse, Lily has kept her fiancĂ©’s business afloat while he is away fighting on the Western Front. Still battling on, she’s now doing her bit for her country as an auxiliary nurse – but one thing above all else continues to weigh heavily on her heart: her long-lost sister.

Born just before her mother died, the scandal was hushed-up and the baby spirited away. But now, at last, there is hope Lily could find her little sister for she has a clue to go on: the name of the notorious baby farmer who bought the child all those years ago. Mrs Jolley.

Using all her pluck, and with the help of her two friends Margie and Fanny, Lily will do anything in her power to find her little sister and save her from the dark streets of London.

With Winter drawing in, and the war with no end in sight, will she be able to bring her family together?