The Victorian Guide to Sex

Fern Riddell

For those of a discerning and curious nature…

Ever wondered what the Victorians really thought about sex? Enter the bizarre, confusing and hilarious sexual world of the men and women who lived during Queen Victoria’s reign.

Historian Fern Riddell has plumbed the depths of the archives and dusted off forgotten Victorian sex guides, ready to take you on a rollicking tour through the whole gamut of nineteenth century attitudes to sex. She reveals what was really going on behind closed doors – from the very first blow up doll to the correct etiquette for a wedding night.

This creative history of sexuality uncovers a hidden side of the Victorian era, including:
• How to have a mutually satisfying sexual relationship, and produce beautiful children!
• Devices to arouse, aid and enjoy
• Queen Victoria’s wedding night
• The importance of True Love