Annie Ku

Assistant to Megan Carroll and Rachel Richardson

Before joining Watson, Little as assistant to Rachel Richardson and Megan Carroll, Annie had a very diverse career path. After graduating with a LLB from King’s College London, she joined Amazon as a Brand Specialist, before leaving and training as a SCA barista, to then opening (and sadly closing) her own café in London. Having always been a voracious reader, she enjoys reading character-driven stories that explore relationships, personal growth and the meaning of life.

In fiction, she is always looking to read something that has the fantasy of Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder, the world-building of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, the characters of Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo and the heart of Beach Read by Emily Henry. This can be for YA or Adults, because what matters is the unforgettable character development and a truly gripping story. She is looking to read more widely in translated fiction, and so far, has loved the cosy, life-affirming and magical feeling of What You Are Looking For Is In The Library by Michiko Aoyama, and the glitteringly dark social commentary of If I Had Your Face by Frances Cha.

For Non-Fiction, she loves books that encourage people to do better and think smarter, be it through popular science, self- help or psychology. The most impactful ones she has read include Black Box Thinking by Matthew Syed, Humankind by Rutger Bregman, Quiet by Susan Cain, and Maybe You Should Talk To Someone by Lori Gottlieb.

Recent favourite reads include Half A Soul by Olivia Atwater, The Chalice of Gods by Rick Riordan, Yellow Face by R. F. Kuang, It Happened One Summer by Tessa Bailey and Bookshops & Bonedust by Travis Baldree.

Annie is not open to submissions, but she does work closely on Megan’s list.