Jay Gunn

Agent: James Wills

Jay Gunn (the pen name of Jason Wilson) is a BAFTA Award-winning Creative Director, Game Designer, Concept Artist and Script Writer. His critically acclaimed debut graphic novel SURFACE TENSION (Titan Comics 2016) garnered attention for its original story line and praise for its imaginative artwork.

In the late 1980s Jay started out working for the British Coal Board, photographing and sketching local coal mines several miles underground. Eager to develop his creative talent further, Jay embraced the burgeoning video games industry of the time. He released a number of popular creator-owned games and worked on popular Japanese titles such as Namco’s PACMANIA, Sega’s SPACE HARRIER 2 and HERO QUEST for Games Workshop. In a career spanning 25+ years Jay held key roles in the industry, including creative director, art director, concept artist, lead game designer, script writer and voice performance director, most notably at SONY Computer Entertainment. Jason took to the stage to receive the BAFTA Award on behalf of the MEDIEVIL games series.

Jay is building on this success with his second graphic novel COAL FACE – THE LAST DRAGON, which is currently in development. A semi-autobiographical account that recalls his family’s involvement in the 1984 miners’ strike, COAL FACE mixes gritty social drama with the aspirational world of retro video gaming against a backdrop of British mythology and fantasy.

Jay now works full-time as a writer and artist, applying his passion for strong world building and inventive art to the medium of graphic novels. He is based in Cambridge, with frequent stays in Japan, France, Germany – and wherever inspiration strikes.

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