Emily Brand

Agent: Donald Winchester

Emily Brand is a writer, historian and genealogist with a special interest in the long eighteenth century, especially English social history and the trials and tribulations of romantic relationships c.1660–1837.

Having gained an MA in Eighteenth Century Studies at King’s College London (in association with the British Museum), Emily works as an editor by day and spends the moonlight hours grappling with eighteenth-century books and prints.

She has four published books, and writes regular freelance features. She is a regular contributor to History Revealed Magazine, and has received commissions from the BBC, the Washington Post, USA Today, CNN.com, the Jane Austen Museum and the National Archives. She delivers talks at history and book festivals, including discussions of her own work, the lasting legacy of Jane Austen, and the history of seduction techniques. She has also filmed with May Street Productions, Radio France and FindMyPast.co.uk as a talking head and historical researcher.

Her blog The History of Love has featured in the Independent, the Washington Post, the Atlantic, Buzzfeed and Slate.com.

Rather wonderfully, her caricatured portrait currently adorns the entrance to a gin bar just off Fleet Street. She lives in Oxford.

Emily is currently working on a history of the poet Lord Byron’s ancestors entitled THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF BYRON, to be published by John Murray.